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50% Pinot Noir – 50% Chardonnay / Crisp and Subtle

A rarity in ROSÉ

100% Pinot Noir / Vivid in Color

Excellence Defined

60% Chardonnay – 40% Pinot Blanc / Rich and Generous
Growers Product

Flawlessly Crafted

100% Pinot Noir / Complex and Refined
Growers Product


Since 1788, the Cheurlin family has continued the storied tradition of growing and cultivating grapes into only the finest Champagnes. Located in the French Aube, Cheurlin vineyards can be found in the oldest part of the Champagne region. A region known for distinctive, highly sought wines that have caught the attention of Champagne lovers the world over.
Recognized long ago as the source of quality grapes, the large champagne houses have been quietly purchasing grapes from this region. The Aube, whose formation is over 145 million years old and dates back to the Jurassic era, represents 25% of the entire champagne region.

Its soil, a mixture of clay, limestone and fossilized seashell, replicates that of neighboring Chablis. Yet, despite the geological resemblance to Chablis, which makes the most distinctive Chardonnay wines in the world, the Aube is known for its superior Pinot Noir.
This large and increasingly important area of Champagne has been discovered by bubbly lovers and now lays claim to an outsize portion of fascination among Champagne lovers.
In Aube, there is no bragging about the art of blending and no luxury branding, instead, they stake their reputation on the land.

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Our experience with Cheurlin champagne has been first class from the very beginning. The wines are of very high quality and as such, we’ve included different styles on our wine list that we feel enhance the overall quality of the list and bring an added element of luxury to our guests. We are fortunate to have partnered with Cheurlin and to be one of a handful of establishments in the New Orleans area to showcase this product. Additionally, it has been a pleasure to work with the Cheurlin Thomas team, as their organization is one of seasoned professionals who care about not only their product, but also about fostering and maintaining good working relationships, which is of paramount importance in this industry.           

We were thrilled to have Cheurlin serve as the official champagne of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, giving thousands of people the opportunity to experience Cheurlin for the first time. From the rosé to the brut, there was something for everyone’s palate, quickly becoming one of the most sought after commodities of Convention events, and sparking spirited conversation throughout the week with one simple question: Which Cheurlin is your favorite?  

To celebrate any monumental occasion, you want the highest caliber of products for your guests. Our team is thrilled to have Cheurlin Champagne to help cultivate those special moments. The Cheurlin brand with its spectacular taste helped us celebrate a very special occasion in the history of our firm, during a tribute celebration to President Bill Clinton. We are truly honored to have such a wonderful relationship with Isiah Thomas and the Cheurlin brand.

cheurlin player of the game

Where We Are & Where We’ve Been

isiah thomas and thomas cheurlin introduce cheurlin to palace
Isiah Thomas and Thomas Cheurlin Introduce Cheurlin to Palace
Museum of African American Culture and History
Celebrating at the DNC
Tasting at the House of Pure Vin - Detroit
Cheurlin Champagnes featured at the Colored Girls Event in Philadelphia
A Very “Spéciale” Display
Isiah Signing Bottle at the palace
Isiah Thomas and Thomas Cheurlin Introduce Cheurlin to Palace
A Tribute to President Clinton at the DNC
Isiah and Mike Abdenour
Earl Cureton, Isiah, and James Edwards at The Palace
Isiah and Anne Burrell at MSG
now serving at madison square garden

our tradition

The Family Cheurlin

9 Generations of Growers, 2 Centuries of Farming.


A Great Partnership

The recent partnership between Isiah Thomas and Thomas Cheurlin may seem unlikely, but when you see these two together you find great similarities.

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