Cheurlin Thomas Black Label Collection is designed for those who prefer greater luxuries than your traditional non-vintage champagne. Available at infrequent intervals and in limited quantities the Black Label Collection of Champagne unveils extraordinary depth, character and notability.

60% Chardonnay
40% Pinot Blanc

An elegant soft gold color with a refined ring of bubbles. The nose reveals fruity aromas of a complex wine. The mouth is fresh and balanced with a woody finish. A great character with a perfect balance.

Cuvee harvested on the south facing land. The limestone base of the seat is emphasized by a thin bed of Kimmeridgian marl leaving a grayish under ground, eart colored by white marl, ground vineyards par excellence. Wine matured in oak barrel and pipe, second fermentation in the bottle with a minimum of 18 months aging. Reflects the white varieties of the Barrois hillsides.

100% Pinot Noir

  Maturity can be seen in the golden hue. Persistent bubbles offer good intensity. Pure nose, full of freshness distinguished by its complex aromas; long finish.

100% Cuvee Pinot Black harvested from north, north-west exposed soil with red clay and limestone portlandien (hard limestone with a thickness of 80m) on the right bank of the Siene, in a plot over 45 years old. Wine is matured in stainless steel tanks with tern perature control. Second fermentation is in the bottle with a minimum of 18 months aging. Pinot reflects its terrior.

Where to Buy

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