Authenticity and Modernity Combined

Thomas Cheurlin’s Flagship Collection are ceremoniously served at the highest echelons of business and politics including: Palais de l’Élysée (official residence of the President of France), the French Senate, National Assembly, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy and nearby Hôtel de Marigny,(the palatial residence that hosts important foreign visitors). Cheurlin’s Flagship Collection was born from the meeting of two men, winemaker and sommelier. Combining authenticity and modernity they have created exceptional champagnes in the Brut Spéciale and Rosé de Saignée.

50% Pinot Noir 
50% Chardonnay

 A delicate golden color animated with beads of fine bubbles. Dry with a totally crisp, fresh and fruity palate. Impressive wine that has a pure fruit balance paired with a mineral lasting note.

100% Pinot Noir

Exquisite color with light and sweet bubbles. Delicate aromas arouse the nose with hints of red and stone fruits. This is perfect as an aperitif or to accompany any meal that is rich in flavor. Subtle elegance with a clean finish.

Where to Buy

Here are some current locations that Cheurlin has already been uncorked.